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Capacity Building Workshops!

National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (NACTE) Pakistan signed an agreement with the USAID Teacher Education Project for the accreditation of ten B.Ed. Hons. (Four years) and six ADE programs offered by Public Universities and Colleges respectively. One clause of this agreement required NACTE to conduct two capacity building workshops for the orientation and training of the faculty of applicant teacher education programs. These workshops were arranged by USAID Teacher Education Project in collaboration with NACTE at Pearl Continent Lahore, and Marriott Islamabad on February 19-21 and 25-27, 2013 respectively. All the logistic arrangements of the workshops and stay arrangements of the participants and resource persons were made by the USAID Teacher Education Project, where as all the academic inputs i.e. workshops schedule, presentations, activities and managing the resource persons was the responsibility of the NACTE.

The objectives of these workshops were to enable the participants to understand:           

1 The need of quality assurance in teacher education.
2 NACTE, its Scope and functions.
3 National Accreditation Standards for Teacher Education Programs.
4 Accreditation documents and processes.
5 Accreditation tools.
6 Role and responsibilities of institutions, academic evaluators/auditors and NACTE in the accreditation process.
7 Pre-requisites of Accreditation.
8 Conduct internal audit and develop Institutional Self Evaluation Report.
9 Prepare for and facilitate external academic audit.

NACTE provided hard and soft copies of all the relevant materials to the project as well as participants. The USAID Teacher Education Project prepared the folders containing the schedule, all presentations and activities along with logistic support.
Dr. Fouzia Naheed Khwaja, Ms. Farzana Rashid, Ms. Kosar Tasnim and Prof. Mehtab Ali Khan worked as resource persons in both workshops, except Ms. Kosar Tasnim, who was not available for Islamabad. Major contributions in this regard were made by Dr. Irshad Ahmad Farrukh Secretary NACTE.  Mr. Imran Khan, Mr. Ali Shah and Ms. Uzma Shakoor of NACTE were also present to assist the conduct of workshops. Both the workshops were conducted in professional manner. All the presentations and activities were completed accordingly to the schedule. 

The representatives of the participants of both workshops expressed their views in the closing ceremonies. They considered their respective workshop a great success and stated that it has achieved all the desired objectives. They described it as much needed event for them as it helped them, to better understand the concept of accreditation and its process. They appreciated the role of the NACTE for its efforts and contributions which it has made to ensure and enhance the quality of teacher education. Similar views were expressed by individual participants in their interviews to the External Evaluation Team of USAID Project, on the second and last day of Islamabad workshop. Formal evaluation of both the workshops was also made by the organizing project team, from the participants, which indicated the similar opinion.