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  • Jobs Opportunities!

    National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education has announced jobs oppo[...]

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  • 10th Council's Meeting !

    The 10th Council's meeting was held at NACTE Secretariat Islamabad on Februa[...]

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  • Appointment of Chairman !

    Professor Emeritus Dr. Riaz Ul Haq Tariq has been appointed as Chairman of NACTE on December 2[...]

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In this age of information and knowledge, quality education has become synonymous with economic and socio-cultural sustainable development of a nation. Quality assurance needs direction, guidance and certain mechanisms. Accreditation process is considered an effective measure to achieve these goals. The need to establish an accreditation authority was very much felt by the teachers, educators & concerned authorities which would periodically evaluate and monitor degree programs offered by various Teacher Education institutions. This authority has been established and termed as National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (NACTE).more...

NACTE is accepting applications for External Academic Evaluator more...


Prof. Dr. Riaz ul Haq Tariq